Size guide - Sandals


How to choose the right size for your sandals?

Jellies sandals

For the jellies sandals, if you are between two sizes, take the size above.

Mules and crossed sandals

1/ Quick method:

Our sandals fit relatively tight.
That is to say that if you are generally a 38, then there is a 95% chance that our 38 will fit you perfectly.

"Narrow feet" option: for some models (Mules and Crossed sandals), it is possible to adjust the sandals for thinner than average feet.
Specifically, if you choose "38 narrow feet", we will make your sandals with a length of 38 feet, but with a width of 37 feet.


2/ Expert method:

- Here is the length of the soles for each size. These are standard sizes. To choose the exact insole length, measure your foot lengthwise and add 1 cm, refer to the table.

35 36 37 38 39 40 41
23 cm 23,5cm 24,5cm 25cm 25,5cm 26cm 26,5cm


TIP 1: If you have a 'long' foot, I recommend that you take a size above your size and select the 'thin feet' option.


Mesure semelles

TIP 2 : To measure the length of your foot you can use an A4 sheet to stick it against the wall. Then wedge your heel correctly against the wall and trace the tip of the foot. Measure from the edge of the sheet for the heel side to the mark.

- Regarding the width, the sandals cut in a classic way. Here is the size in cm of the feet that I use for mounting the sandals: 

Front Stripe
Back Stripe


To measure your foot:

 Mesurer votre pied