About us

In 2018, Marie kicked off her sandal-making journey. In a week, a shoemaker taught her the basics. She set up her workshop just a few meters away from him to continue learning the craft. Gradually, she emancipated herself and created her first collection.

Fast forward to 2020, we found ourselves locked down in Normandy (France), with the workshop crammed into a quaint garden shed. But, let's face it, the space was too tight, and we were craving some sunshine. So, as soon as borders reopened, we packed up and headed to Lisbon for a fresh start.

That's when it really became a "family affair".
First and foremost, because our two children were born really soon after our move to Portugal. We needed to be focus, in the same vibe.
That's why Alexandre decided to join the project full-time.
We were all in, for the best.


Craft work

Just five years ago, we knew nothing about leather. Gradually, we learned the techniques and the gestures. Saddle stitching. Edge dyeing. Embossing. As much vocabulary as there were things to learn. It's often said that it takes a lifetime to become an artisan. Well, that's just fine with us because we love this craft so much that we won't ever have to change it.

Exceptional leathers

The leathers we use? They come from the best European tanneries. Most of them are vegetable tanned, courtesy of chestnut extract. Picture this: top-notch leather with a killer patina as it ages.
To top it off: no aluminum or chrome salts, so we're all feeling good— you, us, and Mother Earth.